Why Forté TLC is the best choice

Forté Transportation Logistics Corporation is more than just a logistic company. For over 20 years Forté TLC has raised the bar in transportation logistics including unrivaled customer service.

Years ago Forté's President and Founder Bruce Buchanan along with his business partner Kim Stanbery, recognized the myriad of problems created by the carriers' inability to bridge the communications gap between the carriers and the shippers.

Buchanan and Stanbery saw that the carriers were unable to dedicate the time and resources necessary to really get to know their customers. Forté was created to solve that problem and still has the same motto,  "Solve The Problem".

The Teamsters Union strike propelled Forté into the spotlight as companies from all over the country, plagued with service failures across modal lines, heard that a northwest company was able to get products picked up and delivered in spite of the strike and at a reasonable price.

"When you hire Forté you're not just getting a competitive transportation program - you're getting an organization that works as part of your own. On a daily basis and at every level we have people with decades of transportation experience proactively assisting our customers with their transportation needs." says Forté President Bruce Buchanan.

He continues by saying, "Having an export shipment arrive two days after the ship sails is not the time to realize that the price was secondary to ensuring the product met the sailing. Carriers and brokers focus on price and leave the rest to the customer to decide. Forté takes it to the next level. Our consultants take the time to understand intimately the needs of each customer and know that each customer's needs are going to be different and will differ at different levels within the organization. Forté recognized this and brings the expertise to ensure that all requirements are met in each circumstance."

On June 25, 2014, Forté TLC arranged for the 3,000 mile transportation of the last 911 WTC artifact. Weighing 30k lbs, the artifact was transported from New York to Mercer Island, Washington.  Read more...

Headquartered in Tacoma, our nationwide office and global partnerships help companies large and small move products of all kinds from point A to point B in the most cost effective, efficient, and when necessary, time sensitive manner. Forté has experts in all modes of transportation and continues to think outside of the box to ensure that your shipping needs are exactly as you want them.

Forté TLC has a variety of services as well and it is just part of why we have satisfied clients that stay with us year after year.

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How Forté TLC Can Help You.

Forté has a unique concept that hasn't changed since it first began over 20 years ago. Bridging the gap between the carriers and the shippers is a quality in a logistics company that you simply can't live without. 

Forté TLC has successfully mastered being that bridge and you will benefit from all of their experience.

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Why our services are unique.

Forté offers a wide variety of services, however, our expert and friendly agents know how to look for options that are not common but are perfect for your shipping needs so you will want to talk with one of them to find out the best solution specifically for you.

When it comes to shipping and transportation you will want to be sure that you are working with a company that is just as interested in your success as you are. Forté Transportation Logistics Corporation is that company!

Forté TLC goes beyond the typical services of a logistics company and becomes more than just a company but a part of YOUR company. With our Free "Snapsot" service alone we can help you see things to help your company that you wouldn't even know to look for.

We've been doing this for a long time and you can benefit from our experience, saving you time and protecting your company.

Forté TLC, on the side of the customer.

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Pre and Post Auditing


A *US Senate sub-committee found that up to 38% of all shipping invoices were wrong, with the payee unknowingly overpaying. Most companies don’t have the staff or time to audit reports and invoices from carriers (each in non-standard formats) or to compare the reports...



Simplified Invoicing


Many companies expend tremendous effort writing a huge number of checks to many carriers for individual shipping transactions. Forté's One-Check service changes this accounting black hole to an easy-to-manage process that saves your company time and...



Tracking and Tracing


Getting your goods to the right place on time is critical to your operation. And when the pressure is really on, knowing where the shipment is and that things are under control is the only thing that brings peace of mind. We make it our responsibility to not only trace shipments, but also to...



Simplified Reporting


Financial, Service and Historic Reports. Tell us what you want, and just what you want, when you want it, and you’ll get it. Every time. Different carriers have wildly different reports. Muddling your way through these reports can be tedious and...