Forté Transportation Logistics Corporation arranges transportation of final 911 World Trade Center 30k lb. artifact from New York to Mercer Island.


On June 25, 2014 the last remaining pieces of the 911 will World Trade Center disaster will find its resting place at Fire Department 92 in Mercer Island, Washington.

photo 3 (9).JPGThe 30K lbs. artifact is from one of the parking structures of the WTC and is reported to have come from the ceiling and floor of one of the parking garages of the twin towers.

Transportation of the 30K lb. artifact was arranged by Forté Transportation Logistics Corporation for its 3,000 mile journey across the country.

Forté's very own Bill Babb provided pictures of the artifact once in Mercer Island, Washington.

For a short video of the artifact covered by KXLY in Spokane CLICK 1 (9).JPG

Once at Mercer Island it will be cut up and displayed at Fire Department 92. Sources state that the Mercer Island Fire Department was awarded these artifacts, due to a letter they wrote.

The 15 ton artifact is a stark reminder of the events of 911 as it traveled across the country on a flatbed trailer and was extremely emotional for many people as it passed by on it's 3,000 mile journey from New York through Coeur d'alene, Idaho to Mercer Island, Washington, located southeast of Seattle, 3 (8).JPG

These pieces are reported to be the last remaining pieces of the World Trade Center 911 disaster, according to the Port Authority of New York.

The Mercer Island Fire Department 92 will create a special gate for their new firehouse which was originally torn down in 2011.

photo.JPGThe artwork is not intended as a memorial, said Sisko, who designed the project with Seattle architect Jim Brown. Sisko wants the piece to spark conversation in the community.




Thank you letter from Mercer Island Fire Department

9-11 WTC Thank you.png