““ You’ve far exceeded my expectations for a 3pl after years of using sub-par ones.””
“It’s hard to believe that I dealt with freight for so many years without Forte’ by my side.”
“Forte’ has allowed us to focus on our core competency, which is selling our product, not rerouting it.”
“Forte’s auditing services are great. Basically, all of our freight bills go directly to Forte’. I don’t have to look for discounts, surcharges, or if the bill is right-Forte’ does that. I pay Forte’ directly and they handle the rest.”
“Forte’ has made freight easier for us overall, including getting quick rate quotes for shipments, having all of our shipments billed properly, processing claims faster than dealing with carriers directly. Everything is speedier with Forte’.”
“I don’t have to worry about my freight all the time, especially with the delivery reports that Forte’ sends. They have all the information I need for my customer on that tracking report. I refer to those reports several times a day.”
“Sometimes there just isn’t time to deal with all of the run-around of tracking down and resolving a claim. Unfortunately, that can end up costing us a lot of money. Forte’ solves that problem for us-we don’t lift a finger.”
“When things are time sensitive, I need information and I need to know right now. Everyone at Forte’ understands that urgency, which is really important in my business. People need things quickly; when I need an answer for my customer, Forte’ helps me get it to them quickly.”
“Forte’ has exceeded our expectations-we’ve had many situations where it seemed impossible to make a shipment, but Forte’ always came through. When we asked the impossible, Forte’ made it happen.”