It’s about more than just getting it there.


Managing your company’s growing transportation needs has never been so challenging. Forté has a team of transportation specialists armed with special tools to free you from the tedious shipping details that delay you from more important business matters.


With Forté Logistics, your company doesn’t have to choose between quality service and cost.


With our combined customer and carrier relationships we are equipped to negotiate the most favorable pricing among the BEST carriers in all modes of transportation.   At Forté, we believe that moving your goods is about dependable and affordable transportation solutions that work for you today and will continue to work for you tomorrow.


We offer Managed Solutions in all areas of transportation - from the shipping of goods to the behind the scenes paperwork, billing, invoices and reporting.


At Forté, we replace the confusing maze of reports and paperwork with customized, comprehensive Simplified Reporting. We take care of your billing and invoices with our Simplified Invoicing Service. Our Pre and Post Auditing will help you identify discrepancies and errors on your bills and Tracking and Tracing will keep track of all your shipments . Our reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions allow you to focus on the more important issues in managing your enterprise. 


golden_globe.pngForté Logistics is currently doing business in all 50 states, Canada, and throughout the world. Our main headquarters is in Tacoma, Washington. 

Our unique combination of technology and experience allows us to easily scale our services, working simultaneously with large companies requiring absolute on-time, on-budget shipping, as well as with small companies who depend just as much on reliable shipping, but aren't large enough to invest in their own shipping departments.

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Allow us to come in to your business and complete a complimentary, comprehensive “Snapshot” of your transportation operation.  Our careful, in-depth analysis will help you find ways to simplify and streamline your shipping operation and ultimately save you time and money.